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Mimi. Please point out these “fullness of inaccuracies” in my initial response. I’d be happy to examine them, and to respond.

I’d be interested as well in all examples of my “idiotic rhetoric” (you might want to look up “rhetoric”- I’ll take the “idiotic” as part of your persona) as you put it, and will respond to that also (you can’t act like Trump, cause I’ll hold you to account). But as I’ve said before, I wont hurl epithets at you. I will, however, save your posts and use them as a discussion topic in September when classes start again. The grade twelves will love it!

Looks like your third post has been written in anger also. Anger started by how my woman and I like to have sex. Which, you have a problem understanding.

To help my understanding I’ve now read another two stories of yours. Woman/woman stories. Very well done. Good English, too (you must not be in the US!). Noticed other stories in the same vein, but did not yet read. Perhaps I found a clue to your vitriolic responses to my original and second posts!

Nonetheless, my original, totally misunderstood and savagely responded to post, still stands.

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