My 30 Days of Answering Questions on Quora
Michaela Jean

“simple and sarcastic”? Simple, yes. You may grow out of it as you get older. Sarcastic? You probably are ignorant of the meaning of the word. Sarcasm means derision, mockery, ridicule, scorn, sneer, scoff, and worse. Are you proud of being that way? I hope not. Gym addict, nothing wrong with that. Obsessed dog mom, that I love. Fueled by coffee? That I don’t get. When I get up, our super automatic delivers my three to four freshly ground 250 ml cups, with side sips of brandy, to start my day. Pure delight. As I go about my busy day, I scoff (sarcasm) as I see zombies walking about with a ripoff starbucks in one hand, thus already handicapped by definition. In my mind, I deride them (more sarcasm) for wasting the money from their entry level jobs to subsidize starbucks.