My experience in the Andela boot camp so far.

I feel entitled to write about this boot camp. It is the most challenging experience of my life. I have to learn everything from scratch before I actually implement it. This is so challenging but at the same time so educational.

Before I began the boot camp, I could only write and program in one language, python. After starting the bootcamp, I realise I have to develop a website in a markup language whose only knowledge I had was perceptual. This prompted me to start learning the language and make as many inquiries as I could. This all was accompanied by a sleepless night of learning to use a new software, Wireframe Sketcher, to create a wireframe for my application. That said, the boot camp is not just a camp where you expect to chill and have fun but a camp to bring the highest form of resilience and perseverance in you. This all was in day one before having a glimpse of the workload awaiting me in day 2.

Day 2 begins in a chilly yet a sleepy mode having traversed the night drawing Wireframes and learning to code in HTML/CSS but as the saying goes, anything worth having comes at a cost, I paid my sleep as the cost and moved to do challenge 2. This assignment was yet another mountain to climb, a far bigger mountain than assignment 1. Every term was new to me and I was totally ignorant on what to do but I did not fall back instead I pushed harder. I made more research than ever, made more queries than I could ever count and hit the challenge where it hurts most. I have written more beautiful code than I ever thought and I feel proud of myself.

Day 3 has been a fainter duplicate of day 2 because I was completing my day 2 challenges. Time is the most essential factor in the boot camp and there times I wish the day would be longer than the night. I have managed to walk around several difficulties during the boot camp some of which include; lack of electricity, lack of access to the internet, aloof transport costs among others. All in all, the boot camp is a war to peace.