Trump is Real AF and it’s Killing the GOP

Let it be known that Friday, October 7th, 2016 (the day The Washington Post published a video of Trump talking about “grabbing women in the pussy”) is the day I realized just how real Donald Trump is. The mass exodus of GOP endorsements has all the proof you need; the Republicans aren't deserting Trump because they are morally outraged. They're walking away because he represents their truth — a truth they’ve never been keen to publicly accept. He represents the real GOP, the one they've worked decades to hide the true nature of while secretly nurturing.

They don’t want to be the party of misogynists, but they do want to be the party that has “a moral obligation to protect a fetus.” They don’t want to be a party of Islamophobes, they do want to be a party of “Christian righteousness and freedom.” They don’t want to be the party of white supremacists, they want to be “the party that freed the slaves.”

Trump, in no uncertain terms, has exposed them.

In getting a record amount of votes in the GOP primary, Donald Trump proved that his brand of "say it like it is" was the brand GOP voters want - even when "like it is" means “whatever feels right” rather than “what is provable.”

The GOP has not "said it like it is" for their voters. Instead, they've hidden their voters away for decades, making policies that cater to the privileged but never selling them as such. The GOP is "fiscally responsible," they'd have you believe. It's funny how policies of "fiscal responsibility" tend to harm people who aren't rich, straight, cis, white, or male. But that's not real, it's just the cucks squawking in futility. Right? Left?

Say what you will about Trump, but when he says things about "grabbing women by the pussy," he is revoking all of the GOP's obfuscation tactics. He is talking to the people who give the GOP the right to occupy office: the voters. He's making it impossible to mistake what the GOP is, and it's not "conservative." The GOP, outside of the establishment, is fundamentally reactionary. Ultra Right Wing.

The neoliberals of the Democratic Party are the closest thing we have to actual conservatives, with their (over) reliance on Social Free Market concepts like The Marketplace of Ideas. That’s not going to solve social issues — only acting when activists have already solved them and the public has accepted it — but it's an ideology that the people who believe in think actually progresses society at an acceptable pace. It's, at root, a good-faith ideology — though it is executed more often in bad faith for the benefit of capitalists.

Trump, neither wins nor dies in the Game of Cucks — for he doesn’t play it.

Directness is a trait a lot of people value. I certainly do, and when one is outward with what they wish to convey, it’s generally pretty easy to pick up on. People use more certain terminology and more blunt vocabulary and as a result, a direct statement is significantly harder to walk back on.

This is essentially how the GOP establishment doesn’t operate. Donald Trump does. He does sometimes attempt to walk back on certain things, but then walks back on walking back, implying he was asked to walk back. His usage of more absolutist language makes it impossible, though, and he most likely doesn’t intend to when he says things anyway.

In this age of “is this even real,” people really just want stuff to be more clear.

Trump has been doing that for a while now. His supporters make up a wide majority of the Republican Party and are so happy to finally have real representation in politics. Whether it’s about NAFTA or those pesky blacks, he’s said something that makes them feel like he is their kind of real.

The main problem with that is, of course, that nothing is objective. Every one of our individual realities is subject to our own perspective and this is evidenced every time Alex Jones turns on a microphone (or every time I write or create videos). Perspective makes all things subjective — including facts. Knowing that, how can anything truly be real?

Consensus can make something feel real, and that is what Trump has done for the Republican voters. He’s given them a legitimizing figure for their consensus — one they’ve always held but that their “native” party’s establishment has worked hard to pretend just isn’t so. Trump’s willingness to indulge this very specific consensus makes him the most real politician out there. Not because he tells the truth, but because he tells their truth.

The party establishment distancing themselves from him will only hurt them, because ultimately they derive their power from voters. They may appease donors in attempting to cultivate a less horrible image, but the policies they work for are entirely in line with the racist, misogynist, and otherwise hugely bigoted tripe that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. He is their reality.

As the rest of the world begins to understand this — or begins to be more vocal about understanding it — I believe we’re going to see the end of what is truly a fringe, reactionary party with leadership that thinks they have some kind of handle on this kind of unbridled hatred of societal progress. The Grand Old Party is really starting to show its colors — and red just resembles blood drawn when separated from white and blue in the manner they have.

The Republicans do not stand for the values that the rest of the country agrees that we should be about: freedom to be who you want, where you want, how you want, and that your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are your actual rights.

By those concepts, bigotry is not an American principle — no matter how much of it this country was built on. People like Donald Trump remind us that there’s a party full of voters who disagree. Changing this reality is our responsibility as American citizens.