Our Kitchen, where it all starts.

I’m only too aware of one of the basic laws of ‘blogging’ — if you’re going to write a blog, you’ve got to write it! And this year has been so busy that I’ve fallen behind in the writing department!

So, let me tell you what we’ve been up to and illustrate our approach to creating new products with two examples.

We’ve launched another fabulous collaboration with ‘Pic’ Picot, a food legend, whose Peanut Butter is taking the world by storm. And it all started with him making it in a concrete mixer in his garage in Nelson! A brand new concrete mixer, I should add.

When you meet Pic, you are instantly taken with his enthusiasm.

He started selling his peanut butter in the local markets in Nelson.

There wasn’t a business plan in sight but rather the simple idea that New Zealanders deserved a better peanut butter. And the only way to make that happen was to go out and do it himself.

Pic’s peanut butter is now a major success not only in New Zealand but as far afield as China.

I love hearing about, meeting and working with people like Pic. They are wonderful examples of what happens if you create products that begin with a real passion, not a research report.

Our Premium Peanut Butter ice cream made with Pic’s peanut butter, to which we’ve added chocolate flake, (officially called ‘Stracciatella’ apparently) has been a great success.

We sold our first month’s production in four days, which caught us pleasantly by surprise.

Our Premium Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Pic’s.

Who would have thought of Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream? Well in our case, it was the fabulous Liv Glazebrook.

Liv is all of twenty three. A graduate of Otago with both Commerce and Food technology degrees. But her best qualification is her enthusiasm for life and food both at Lewis Road and in her own time.

Do read this article from Hawke’s Bay Today, Liv’s hometown newspaper.

And at Lewis Road, Liv is the queen of the kitchen. Every product we’ve created and every new idea we have in development, starts in our kitchen. It’s wonderful to see how things come together with a clear understanding of what Lewis Road products are all about, doing the basics better but with a dash of originality, a pinch of enthusiasm and a touch of magic.

Liv Glazebrook in the Lewis Road Kitchen.

Liv is part of our small team. In total, there are fifteen of us with six of the team out on the road in their ‘Mini Moos’. So, nothing happens in the office without all of us being a part of it.

It is one of the great delights of being a member of the Lewis Road team.

Another product we’re really proud of is our just released, Sour Cream. After what seems like forever, we’ve been able to produce a Sour Cream made as sour cream should be made, with just two ingredients and a little time. No gelatine, no rush.

Over the next few months, we have what we modestly think are some outstanding new products to bring to the market. We’re keeping Liv busy! In fact, this morning, I was told off for suggesting a new product idea! ‘Enough’ everyone said. Let’s focus on the next couple of launches we have on our plate. Get those done right and then think about what’s next.

So, the idea of the day is on the back burner for now.

All our attention is, as it should be, going on the product launches that are in progress.

Two of these, in particular, are, we think revolutionary and both will be on shelves this side of Christmas.

So busy times.

Talk of Christmas already!

Thank you so much for your support and we trust we can reward you handsomely with all the goodies we have planned.

We think we have some magical times ahead!

I promise to write again, this side of Christmas before the rush.

Thank you.

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