Daddy, when did you know there would be a dictatorship in America?

-Daddy, when did you know there would be a dictatorship in America?
-Well, it all started when Dictator Trump fired the head of the FBI because, in his own words, he thought an investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia were made up, even though there was irrefutable evidence of ties.
-So that’s when you knew?
-Not quite, but the next day he not only held a meeting in the Oval Office with a known Russian spy, he also launched an investigation into massive voter fraud, something for which there clearly was no proof.
-But wait, I thought he won the election. Didn’t he?
-Well, Dictator Trump wasn’t happy with just winning. He wanted to be the best at winning.
-Oh, so that’s when you knew?
-Not quite. The very next day he threatened to stop all press conferences because his staff could not be expected to accurately communicate the rationale behind someone as busy as the dictator.
-Oh! So that’s when you knew.
-Not quite.
-Then when did you know?
-I knew when I realized the Republican led Congress was not going to do anything about it.
-Oh. Why didn’t the Republican led Congress do anything about it?


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