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If you read the HISTORY of the Catholic Church, it is like a ``sour pit’’, stinking; soaked in blood of innocent God fearing Christians, who believed in the TRUE GOSPEL!….William Tyndale was burned by the Papacy for teaching the Bible in English. The catholic Church ``doctrine’’ is NOT BASED on the Bible; for hundreds of years, the Bible was bannesd by the Vatican….The Rome/Vatican was furious when the Bible was translated into German language by Martin Luther; they ordered to kill Luther, but Germany did not allow that to happen.

We don’t need a `confused' Pope Francis to redefine MARRIAGE and re-phrase doctrine in the Bible when it comes to ``Gay Marriage’’…. Pope’s stupid opinion about the Gay/LGBT Issue, where he said, ``If a person is Gay and seeks God, who am I to judge?’’ , is bandied about today as if it is based on the Bible the Bible. Such teaching as mentioned above is not based on the Bible!… One must REMEMBER that GOD destroyed both ``SODOM & Gomorrah’’ with fire at the time of Abraham because the Almighty is against Homosexuality/ Gay lifestyle…..GOD has clearly defines MARRIAGE as a UNION between a Man and Woman in Genesis. Jesus confirms this in Matt. 19:4–6.

So Jack Jennings, does it really matter if a person is Catholic or not when it comes to voting?… After all , what bearing does a deceptive ``religion’’ which originates in Rome/ Vatican have on the American election???… Not only ``cafetaria cathlolics’’, but if you follow the Rome/ Vatican and its popes, their teaching, most people would be biased in their thinking when it comes to the American Election. Your biased article, which supports a morally wrong LGBT lifestyle, is supportive of Hilary Clinton who supports the ``sinful’’ gay/LGBT lifestyle. You have only added to the ``confusion’’ by trying to opinionate the American public through your artcle!

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