Stop being angry.

Just stop it.

You don´t have to be angry or disappointed .

I mean, you can, you are allowed, if it pleases you, it is after all your life.

Sort of.

Take your mind for a little exercise;


stop reading right now, and go do something else.

It USED to be that There where Gods.

And that everything was below them and that the suffering, and the trials & tribulations of humans where none of their concern.

It Used to be There was A God

& The God was almighty and all-powerful.

And then came the Death of God — and the entrance of Atheism.

And like


everyone was at each others throats.

Scared really.

Of being wrong. Of being right. Of not being good enough. Of not really knowing.

The human worry — it takes up a lot of our time…

But. And. Ontheotherhand.

The game changed.

Quantum actually kind of means ”God”

as in how; Language describes divinity- in relation to function as described by science.

Simultaneous existence.

The fact that matter can simultaneously appear, and exist, in different places. Being many places at once.

This is our reality.

In other words; God does exist. And not exist. And. Not. At.

We are shaping the meta-code to co-inhabit this experience.

We are readressing the very idea of what the common agreement on this planet really is really about.

Everything is real.

This does not make everything right.

Choice is real.
Observation is an action.
Participation is inescapable.
Consequence is a natural law.

It used to be that Authority justified itself by claiming its power was instituted by God.

After this the Scientific and Academic Authority picked up the hatchet to prepare a less bloody mess and in name of Kings and Gods, claimed it´s method of exacting ”truth” was the ”right” way.

People/Individuals of various color, shape and class have tried using these different hierarchic ”systems” — as ladders.

To reach higher, and gain power and influence over a world they most often know or care little of.

It would seem; We are messing up this specific environmental existence.

Consequently making it less enjoyable than it could be.

Attempt some participation in your right now.


(Yes that is the correct use of Period)

Dear friend,

this is Quant.

Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha are no less important than Bertrand Russell, Carl Sagan or Karen Blackburn. Donald Duck, Plank, or Robert Anton Wilson.

If anything; All the great teachings of the world have become more important.

All of them.

In regards of

Energy flow.

(Tangent) Remember;

Stress does actually kill-kill you, as in dead-killed-dead.

STRESS is the reason

we get sick and die.

A society built on romantic delusions and fiction about the most stress-inducing concept on the planet;


Capitalism really is killing us.

Or specifically ”Thieving” energy.

Based on assumptions, that no longer adhere.

Before Quant — it was easier to create illusions.

And use fear and scarcity as magic wands, to spell-bind, misdirect and glamour.

What, when scarcity is not the baseline?

When suffering is a choice!?

The baseline is merely the observation point.

Any period.

Its only judgmental values, is passively observing the conditions of the now.

Only ego-laden sentients, have the audacity of ”personal value”.

Ego was always the flaw in Atheistic reasoning; ”If God is all-powerful — why he allow suffering, stupid God, I reject you!”

If God is all-powerful, how could ”it” possibly be concerned in ”suffering”?

What is individual suffering on a multidimensional Universal scale?

Other than merely one more type of subjective experience.


A slight shifting in tone of a passing motion of energy and anti-density.

Accidents happen.

Only when the ”impossible” ”unthinkable” happens our egos are revealed and in turn;

Our sorrow, our helpless rage, or disappointment with God reveals our capacity for abstract reverence and soulful acceptance.

In Judaism — for a year after loved ones die, one is supposed to praise God, every day, twice a day, for a year - so that one does not get lost in the loss, that the Ego percieves in the emotional process that is Mourning.

Is it not a bit childish to be angry with ”god” for being ”divine”.

Perhaps grow a bit of humility?



I celebrate in the thought of
how everyone person sees clearly,
with no fear in our hearts

the silly cycle of
making yourselves sick
competing and stressing
so someone else makes more money
on you
making yourselves sick
competing and stressing
so someone else gets your life energy?

I celebrate in the thought
as we redefine ourselves as a species.
What it means to be a human being.
What being means.
What our desire is.
What makes us smile?
What makes us relaxed and happy?
Quantum reality makes you a very important person.


/ PD