What Does America Aspire to Be?
Kelly Ford

I repeatedly hear the following about Hillary Clinton:

  1. She is not trustworthy/a liar,
  2. She is corrupt just like the rest of them,
  3. She can’t be trusted with secrets because of x (Benghazi, Emails, etc)

I think these points need to be addressed to address the gut reactions people have regarding “does she have my back”.

Ad 1. Modern times demand we develop the ability to “read between the lines”. In the old days Walter Cronkite would tell you how things are but nowadays we know we can’t just assume that Bill O’Reilly or Bill Maher will tell us the entire truth. We know news sources are biased to serve a particular audience. So I challenge you to read between the lines. Level up on this. What are the lies about? More importantly: could you imagine yourself having to lie in that person’s position. And this is where I find a large discrepency between Clinton and Trump. Clinton lies about stuff that is quite important (emails). For someone who has found herself in the firing line for most of her life I can fully imagine she keeps her cards close to her chest. This goes back to the whole impeachment farce with her husband (it’s totally obvious the guy did the intern just as any other red-blooded male would have done). As my mother (a psychologist) told me back then: you *cannot* expect people to speak the truth when the stakes are that high. So ask yourself as well: is there any person on the planet who’s never lied to cover up tracks? Right. No one. Now. Trump. Somehow this guy thinks that truth is completely irrelevant. So when he says “Obama is not an American” or “#1 selling tie in the world” (about his branded ties that were made in Bangladesh), I cannot believe for one moment he actually believes his own words. He’s obviously just playing to an audience. But lies like this I find much more dangerous (he’s taking everyone on a wild ride into never-never land) and unnecessary (why not stick to some truth if you think you have a point to make). I’m just saying that whereas Clinton is unconfortable about some issues and will lie about them, Trump is lying far more and with more dire consequences.

Ad 2. Obvisouly she’s not the only corrupt politician. The US has a political system built on corruption because free market you know. So all of Washington is waist deep in this. Now, there are two candidates: one who’s an insider and was being bought, and one insider (let’s face it, he knew his way around DC) who was doing the buying. So who’s the moral better in this? I don’t think there is a clear winner. For sure Trump has no interest in diminishing his own power, so I will not believe he would put an end to this.

Ad 3. This is dead-simple. Someone who’s actually been in the firing line has history. Period. There is no way anyone can come out of office without having made some dubious decisions or decisions that in hindsight were not that great. Trump is a blank slate. All of his history is in business (which is greatly different from government) and private (and he’s keeping it that way in case you hadn’t noticed).

With this I rest my case.

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