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Top 10 Study Tools for College Students

The era of technological advancements we live in brings new apps and tools every day. It is easy to get lost in this ocean of digital resources for tired students who just need to get urgent help with their assignments. Here is a list of study tools for college students that definitely has something helpful.


We have all been in a situation when there is a homework assignment that is too complex and confusing. is an online service that provides help with a wide range of tasks and topics. You can find an experienced tutor in mathematics, physics, economics, engineering, etc. The most convenient part is that you get to choose an expert yourself. Once you’ve published the assignment, you will see a list of tutors ready to assist you and their price for the services. It a transparent and easy way to find the answers to your questions.

2. Grammarly

It is no surprise that being in college means writing tons of papers. Not all students can boast of excellent writing skills and face a great number of challenges with all those essays, research papers, book reports, etc. Grammarly is the tool that can save you a lot of time. It will check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and even sentence structure. The toll suggests you the possible options of making any text better and explains the mistakes you make. There are a free version and additional functions like professional proofreading you will have to pay for updating to the premium account.

3. Udemy

There are classes you enjoy and those you don’t. You have a wonderful opportunity to explore your interests and find out what subjects you like. Udemy gives you a chance to dig deeper to the classes of your choice and gain new knowledge. You can study whenever you have free time and motivation. There is a big selection of paid-for courses, so you will definitely find something interesting.

4. HowToStudy

You probably wonder what is the best and most effective way to study? Here is the awful truth — there is no universal method. But do not get desperate as there is a specific approach to every class. HowToStudy uncovers all the secrets you should know and has a long list of guidelines you can use.

5. Gutenberg

This is a massive collection of ebooks you can download for free. It is very helpful when you got assigned to write a book report and you have to finish reading as soon as you can. You won’t have to spend hours searching the book you need on the web or at the library.

6. SparkNotes

The site has almost everything a modern student might need. You will find useful tips on all of the college subjects, quizzes, guidelines, and more. The resource will be useful to get your head around the works of Shakespeare offering comprehensive interpretations of his famous masterpieces.

7. Study Guides and Strategies

Do not be pushed away by the seemingly boring design as the site has a lot to offer. There are 38 languages you can choose from to start your studying. The site offers multiple strategies for managing your time, studying new material, memorizing the important data, etc. There are guides on learning and studying you will find really helpful.

8. Cram

This is one of the biggest sites dedicated to flashcards. Thousands of students have visited it to create their flashcards and share with the community. It is a fun and effective way of studying and memorizing new material.

9. Gradesaver

Always wanted to study at Harvard but things did not work out? Now you have a great chance to use the study guides written and checked by the Harvard students. There is an impressive collection of helpful tips on all the possible topics.

10. Schooltraq

If time-management skills are not your one of strengths, Schooltraq will help you plan everything ahead. The synchronization with your phone will allow you to get updates and make sure you turn in your paper by the deadline.

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