Flow and Writing and Patterns

I began this Medium blog with the intent of writing regularly and concisely. Again I am reminded of how time slips through our lives in the flow of activities. Writing and sharing must become a pattern of behaviour. ( British spelling!).

My brief intro above refers to my interest in the science and art of systems and cybernetics. This year both are on my mind as I am President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, http://www.isss.org The ISSS has a 64 year history, just as I do ironically, and has seen many illustrious…

So often now these three essential aspects of living are lost in the rush to urban existence and “achieving” and “competing” in work and sport. When writing for Medium they request three tags. These three express a fundamental trio to consider.

Nature is who we are. We are nature. It is not something apart and separate from us. So often schooling and other institutions of teaching lead students to think that somehow we are in control of nature, that we are distinct from our environment. This schism is leading into dangerous places. …

Peter D Tuddenham

Interdisciplinary interests in nature, relation and organization. Looking at patterns that connect and how science and art of systems and cybernetics can help.

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