A Response to Brent Bozell: An Open Letter to Conservative Friends Supporting Donald Trump


“It’s about basic sanity”.

What a pile of condescending crap.

I understand that erudition is in your blood, but the righteous nonsense concocted in this closing remark tells the entire story. It’s an old story, that goes back to William F. Buckley in the 1968 conventions, when Gore Vidal used Critical Theory to hand the beloved WFB his ass, live on national television.

Ivy league argumentarians seem to only understand bullet point logic, and fail completely to comprehend that human beings go with what looks good first, and then back-fill their decisions with facts. (See Jonathan Haidt’s work).

In all of the deserved praise of Ronald Reagan, people forget that his strongest asset was that he was an actor (an actor that sold cigarettes to millions of people). There are many people that shared Ronald Reagan’s political world view, but none of them had to carry a movie with a chimpanzee as a costar, and he did it with aplomb.

Since the invention of radio, the most successful candidates have been the candidates that dominated the media of that day. Ted Cruz had a shot, if he had taken advantage the image makeover handed to him by conservative artist, SABO. He also had a golden opportunity to demonstrate Christian charity when his marketers inadvertently hired a soft-core porn actress to start in a very, very good campaign commercial; but instead ran away like some real error had occurred (it hadn’t). The earned-media opportunity would have delivered $10MM in exposure, something that Trump understands without thought or consideration. It’s in his DNA.

The genius of this entire campaign, the obvious fact that is apparent to every American that supports Trump, is that no one believes you anymore Brent. The entire Republican establishment has blown whatever shred of credibility that it had by throwing itself on the tracks of the Trump train, as you have here.

So-called outsiders revealed themselves to be shills, and now the electorate is done with them. Politicians and broadcasters alike will all be looking for new jobs in December, but don’t worry, the damage is not limited to only the Republicans, there are enough phonies on both sides to go around.

Mark Levin has often said that we live in a “post-Constitutional era”, but claims that it can be fixed IN THE CONSTITUTION. Which one is it? How does one fix something that a government only pretends to use as its covenant with the People?


The People are waking up to the fact that the Constitution, and people that claim that the Constitution is the salvation, are not dealing in REALITY.

It’s really sad to think that the death by a thousand tiny cuts has delivered us here. Marbury v Madison, Wickard v Filburn, The New Deal, The Great Society, The Frankfurt School, Obamacare. From Fireside Chats to Twitter, Media has usurped reading, reason, logic and rational thought and replaced it with a population of feelers, not thinkers.

So how do you win? You get behind Trump, not in front of him. He’s proved himself to be malleable, but he’s not stupid. The fact that you had to write this pitiful missive proves that. So help him out, offer your services, but don’t get in his way anymore, not that it makes any difference anyway.

And do one other thing. Stop thinking that you know how to fix what’s broken by working a broken system, because if you did, Trump would have never happened. We’ve gone back beyond “We the People”, we are at “When in the course of human events”.

“When a government betrays the people by amassing too much power and becoming tyrannical, the people have no choice but to exercise their original right of self-defense — to fight the government.” ~ Alexander Hamilton

That’s where are now.

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