Why the pundits are all wrong about Donald Trump or Why conservatives lose

I miss Andrew Breitbart a lot right now. He could explain what’s going on and people would listen.

Our country is in a desperate struggle and the people that are trying to save it don’t have a clue how to do it.

People that I normally look up to are all completely helpless to explain what is going on, and instead are blaming each other.

Andrew Breitbart regularly explained that “politics is downstream from culture” and if you are looking at politics and not culture right now, you are looking at the wrong thing.

People that hold up Ronald Reagan as a political icon often ignore the fact that he was first an actor, trained and practiced in delivering messages in a way that people will believe.

Reagan fans marvel at his policies and ideas but often fail to acknowledge that his delivery sold those ideas. There were many leaders that had similar ideas that simply were not as talented at delivering in a way that people would accept.

“The Great Communicator” is an idolators label. It wasn’t that Reagan was great at communication, it was that he understood WHY his communication style worked.

Donald Trump is the only person running that currently gets that. (But Trumpsters should not be too comfortable, with the black swan of Joe Biden hiding in the wings; Biden and his campaign manager Barack Obama, get it too).

The fact that Donald Trump resonates with so many fed up people is the symptom of a problem, not the cause.

Following Andrew Breitbart’s logic, you need to look upstream from the politics to the culture (and culture is not something that you can change in one election cycle).

Culture is the values and processes of a society delivered in music, movies, television, news and academics. It is the baseline for conversations, memes, humor, arguments and interpersonal communication.

The organizing concept known as “The United States of America” as defined by the Constitution has been culturally under attack since the invention of radio.

The attacks began with the “Fireside Chats” of a socialist progressive tyrant, and honed by “the most trusted man in America”.

There was a reason that the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazi’s) had a Ministry of Culture and Propaganda, because if you control the culture, politics becomes a rubber-stamp.

Socialists (Progressives, Communists) know that if they control culture, that they control governance. (How else do you explain the election of someone like Justin Trudeau)?

So while idiot billionaires are flying in on their private jets trying to figure out how to aim their money cannons at the political “problem” that is Donald J. Trump, the battle was lost 14 years ago when Trump and Mark Burnett teamed up to make the Apprentice.

Mark Burnett is a conservative and his shows center around game theory that highlights American values like hard work, teamwork balanced by self-interest, and personal reward. Like it or not, Donald Trump exemplifies those values in American culture.

e is quite literally the poster boy.

If citizens really want to make America great again, we need to invest in the culture, because money invested in politics is not an effective application of capital.

But it’s not going to happen overnight, there has been 80 years worth of cultural damage inflicted on the United States, to the point that the founders would not recognize it.

Cultural Marxists in entertainment, journalism and academia are so deeply rooted in the system that it will take generations to destroy their corrupting influences, their narrative.

We will have to create new cultural touchstones and wait for the communists to die.

So stop bemoaning Donald Trump, it turns out the Beatles were wrong; you need more than love, you need common sense. Stop investing in politics, it’s a sideshow. If you want to change the world, change the culture.

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