When I go to sleep at night, I know exactly what I am going to be doing for the first hour of every morning (meditation, morning pages, affirmations and a gratitude list). The goal is to create a healthy routine that puts your mind in optimal shape for the rest of the day. And then to have this routine become a habit that is burned into your subconscious so that it’s not a struggle.
The ‘Secrets’ to Waking Up Early (Even if You Hate Mornings)
Chris Winfield

a bit of honesty; I tend to let anger guide me at times. Not that it takes over or changes my judgement in the actions I take, but a habit that has been built over my self-employed life. I had to speak louder, be bold, and brave, to overcome those who would speak over me. I was more soft spoken in my 20’s. I started to grow up in my early 30’s, but then I started to get the jaded feeling I see in other business owners. Herein lies the “WANT”; to be better, smarter, more motivated, and LESS ANGRY. Creating that healthy routine that puts my mind in optimal shape for the rest of the day, has started to show in how I react with less anger, am I there yet, nope…but it is getting better…