Dare To Chance // MYM

Motivating Your Mondays

As you are reading this weeks #MYM you are quite possibly pondering some of your next steps in life. Some of the responsibilities that you need to manage for the remainder of the week. Often times not even thinking past next weekend, but rather, what you would rather be doing than whatever it is that you’re doing right now (besides reading this MYM).

As you are taking these moments, consider the possibilities that life has to offer you. Think about all the things you have planned this week and ask yourself this question; Is what I am preparing for this week going to get me where I want to be?

“If you leave change to chance; then you chance never changing. If you seek change then DARE TO CHANCE.”

We all have opportunities available to us, we just need to consider what at this moment is most important, and start working to make those changes.

One Step at-a-time, One Week at-a-time, One Monday at-a-time!

~Pete S. Reyna III 
Motivating Your Mondays 

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