Motivating Your Mondays // New Grip vs Old Grip

When you least expect it or you can’t even remember or understand why you did what you did you have to remember that habit is at play.

We are creatures of habit and we rely on routine to make the seemingly unimportant tasks easier. Like simply brushing your teeth to ensure your health and hygiene are in order. I am sure that as you read this you are more than quite sure you completed that task today. Perhaps even now you’re thinking/questioning did I do that this morning? The answer is more than likely yes!

The fact that you may vaguely remember this is what happens when habit takes over certain aspects of your life.

“When I need my new grip the most, I went back to my old grip” ~ John Maxwell

John Maxwell teaches us with this very simple message how easy it is to fall back into our old habits regardless of how much work we have put into making the necessary changes.

As we are breaking down old barriers and developing new ones, breaking through the bad habits and building new ones, we must remember; that there are times when it counts the most to really FOCUS on maintaining your new grip.

It is by doing and acting on those things that make and formulate the type of habits necessary to bring about your SUCCESS.

To hear the story about this weeks Motivating Your Mondays message, which was heard at the most recent Live2Lead event, take a moment to watch the replay of this weeks LIVE Motivating Your Mondays Show.

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