The Season of Failure, Motivating Your Mondays

As children we are taught that we can accomplish many things and become whatever we want! Although that may be true, our parents or mentors seem to forget to mention that there will be some struggles and failures along the way. A little heads up would be nice right?

But without those failures or mistakes we wouldn’t learn and more importantly we wouldn’t grow.

We have to get knocked down in order to see from the ground what made us trip.

But more importantly if you want to succeed at whatever you are attempting to achieve we all must live through a Season of Failure.

“The Season of Failure is The Best Time for Sowing The Seeds of Success”
~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Once you have ripened, and you will absolutely know if you are the type of person wishing for growth, that you have; you will know that you have gone through a Season of Failure.

It seems like all things are finally clicking, making sense, and you are able to connect the dots so much easier; its because you’ve learned!

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