We Make The Name

When I wrote “Losing Culture, Branding, and You.” I didn’t think too much about that particular piece at the time, because I felt it to be more of a rant. But as I usually do, I continued to probe my thoughts and delve a bit deeper as to identifying what I would lose. The branding practices that have existed throughout the history of business have been a staple and a guide to so many; but with research regarding manipulating colors do I now have to adopt or adjust my game plan?

Now for a moment it may sound like I am shifting my thoughts to lead to the color manipulating mantra that is beginning to rear its evil head, but I am not.

You’ve heard of that small company out of California, Google? I am not going to dive into how they operate their business, but more so from the perspective of their daily changing logo. In honor of what that day represents, Google’s logo will commemorate it. Does changing the logo on a daily basis affect them? You would agree that they have established themselves to a “small portion” of the world, correct? In doing so they can take the opportunity and liberties to make these kinds of changes to what many would consider a death defying leap. You see Google has identified themselves to the world, and you connect or identify with them; probably on a daily basis. They have made a name for themselves. I understand that they do have a consistency to their color patterns and their logo, and that I am referring to their search engine logo, but still, there are those who so strongly believe that because a business would change their logo so frequently that you would disconnect with your audience. Is this true?

As a small business owner in San Antonio, Texas whose business has been chugging along for a little over three years, I don’t believe I can afford to take the same death defying leap that Google has and continues to do. First I ask myself these questions; Who am I? What do I do? Does anyone even care? After I have answered myself, I ask this question; Did I answer them honestly? You see, you can lie to whomever you want to on a daily basis, but once you head down the path of lying to yourself and believing in it, as the Slight Edge shares, you will end up on the wrong side of curve.

So as to my point. We make the name, the name doesn’t make us. How does this connect with branding; in the beginning you must adhere to a strategy, a theme, a color scheme, and anything else that is going to help in establishing your identity. Now that you have begun the journey to establish your identity, you must now follow through on whatever it is that you do. How long will it take you to make that name? That question is difficult to answer, because it is based on many, many factors. You can constantly change things up to remain “fresh” and “engaging” but if people have no clue who you are, or what you do, what does it even matter in the first place?