You, the Recruit, and the MLM // Changing the Conversation

The MLM/Network Marketing Industry has taken some very good and strong hits when it comes to how people think about it, perhaps its time we start changing that!

Over the last few years I have heard more and more about how ridiculous the MLM industry is becoming. Then I review my facebook and instagram feeds, and I see the blatant disregard and spamming nature that is becoming the MLM standard. Because my belief that every adult person between the ages 21–60 WILL start a business, and that the MLM industry is the “easiest path to success”, there needs to be conversation about how to change and evolve how people venture into entrepreneurship through the MLM/Network Marketing industry.

Although the MLM/Network Marketing Industry is a great entry to Entrepreneurship, and they teach the power of duplication, they fail at teaching people to be human.

Not everyone wants what you have to sell, just like not every person shops at Target or Walmart. If they do, they do so when they feel the need to, not necessarily because of an advertisement.

So how do we go about changing how people think about the MLM industry? Well, it starts with you the MLM business owner. You need to change how you connect with people. You need to figure out how to become a human being again. You need to get a better understanding of what people want in and out of their lives.

Here is a harsh reality statement, and many of you wont like it, but I have heard that MLM’s are like the drug dealers/pushers of scam and spam!

Now, let me be VERY CLEAR! I AM NOT A BELIEVER of said statements.

But, I can absolutely see how people are getting that impression, after-all, there are too many silver bullets in the marketplace for you and your potential recruits to not have had the opportunity to change their lives.

SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? Dare I say another Bold/Daring statements!

The problem is three-fold.

You, the Recruit, and the MLM! I am going to break down each of them here;

  • You: You are being taught systems, processes, and sales (maybe sharing), but you are doing so in an automated and robotic way. You are taught to not judge anybody, because everyone is a prospect. ←-Now that statement may be true, but not everyone wants what you have, and not everyone wants to do what you do, regardless of how much money a person can make. You may not be aware, but you continue to harass your closest friends, family and colleagues, until you eventually have run out of a warm market, and you have essentially become their personal telemarketer; and no one wants to hang out with you because they are either furious with you or afraid of having that awkward conversation you might inevitably bring up, your MLM business.
  • Recruit:I believe this aspect of the MLM industry is one of the largest obstacles the MLM industry faces, the uneducated recruit! Now I do not refer to the education side as to what level of schooling did they complete. I am referring to; they have not educated themselves on what it is they want to be in life! Therefore they end-up chasing dollars! Those recruits who are not built to chase dollars like the very few are who are, end up leaving that MLM or the MLM industry all together. ←- this is mainly where the black eye, bad word-of-mouth, negative conversations surrounding the MLM industry spawns. They become the poster child of “I Told You So”, they become the opponents of any MLM and labeling them a scam, all because it didn’t work for them. But every person must stop for one-moment and think, question themselves; “Did I work hard enough and long enough to make it work for me?” If you are were being absolutely honest with yourself (heck even a little honest), most of the time, that answer would be “NO”! But seeing as I live in reality, I know most people won’t admit to their faults or mistakes.
  • MLM: The MLM you have chosen has built a system based on duplication. Therefore, they are showing you and every other MLM’er who joined your business to do the exact same thing. You would think from a branding perspective that would be great, because a countless number of people are sharing/seeing the next hyped product/service. The problem is, it becomes overly spammy. So they don’t educate the Recruiter/Recruit how to be a human being, they teach them duplication.

Now this has gone on for quite to long, not just my writing, but the way of the MLM industry.

Its time we start changing how people find what they want to be in life, and then have them make a wiser choice! Then conversations, your business, and peoples lives will begin to change!

~Pete S. Reyna III