I’m a Creep. I’m Sorry.
Dave McClure

idk , everyone makes mistakes. it seems to me a straight guy, being a straight guy. do we really need to totally emasculate american male hood here and hand the reigns over to an asian female colleague? like hard truth people are like animals and are trained and habituated by experience, give a person a couple sluttly suggestive coworkers who dont have strict boundaries and they can learn the wrong habits and mistakenly apply them to the wrong people in teh wrong situations.

my take: is not so big a crisis as this article or other articles make it out to be. you could look harder at a lot of the loose social situations that 500 startups cultivates and point to those scenarios over anything a person did as creating space for problems. why cant a person be a person over drinks? and distance themselves from their professional position?

I have long thought it was fairly transparent that investors , male , would rather chat with a cute female entrpreneur than the alternative. before dave is thrown under the bus, i would suggest that good looking female investors etc are just as prone to questionable behaviors when the power balance is the other way around. industry problems? idk. too me the tech women are a little too prissy and bitchy-> its the same thing at any small resturaunt in america. or business for that matter.

a woman lays her hand on a guys chest in a suggestive way, or shoulder or back. and he smiles and makes nothing of it. a male in position of power brushes his hand ona woman in a similar way. suggestive. you get a crisis and a lawsuit and articles.

some systemic cultural issues to be sure. im sure daves a good american lad and been in his share of strip clubs and shady ass massage parlors as he travels the world and drawing the line between all them hoes and the hoes he sees lining up for investment can sometimes be hard. but lets not forget these women need to take a little responsibility on there end of things too. bikini pics on the instagram, suggestive poses in the office. flaunting a latest read of a book titled something along the lines of moderon women with multiple sexual partners.

idk. tricky ground. somwhere between the conservative wholesomeness of salt lake city and the quagmire of the las vegas strip,

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