5 Steps to Dominate Aluminum Fence in Dallas, LA, Denver, or any other market that is untapped

Ideas to take the lead and keep it

Jul 24, 2018 · 4 min read

Every fence product that has ever been introduced relies on the market development LEADER. This is the fence company that made the commitment to change the landscape by going on offense. You know, that crazy free thinker who pioneered vinyl, aluminum, a different species of wood in your market.

They all deserve credit for what they have accomplished. Unfortunately, after they break the barrier, the reactive competition crashes the party. If this article motivates you to take action…..then I implore you to pay special attention to #2 or it will be a missed opportunity. I’ve been watching and recording this for 25 years, market by market. You can trace back to whom the leader was, but is he the winner? Many build markets, few continue to dominate.

Aluminum Fence. Easy install. Happy Customers. Profitable

The 5 Steps to Dominate

1. Owner / Manager makes a decision that they want to be the company to win the race to dominate.

Nothing happens until the leader shares the vision. They need to ‘walk their talk’. A relationship with a vendor must be cultivated and a supply chain implemented. Depending on the proximity to the manufacturing facility, a stocking inventory may need to be considered.

A decision or plan is an idle dream until ACTION is taken!

2. Create you own brand or secure exclusivity from your manufacturer.

Let’s face it. It is easier to let someone else blaze the trail and follow right behind. It is extremely important that when a new product such as aluminum fence is introduced to the market, that it carries the strength of a brand story. Don’t make the mistake of breaking down the barrier and marketing it like wood, chain link, or steel. If you do so, be prepared for joining the “race to zero” in a few years. Tie your company to a brand you can call your own and take it to market.

3. Define your “why” and clearly communicate it to your sales team. Train and motivate them.

As Simon Sinek describes in his book; Start with Why, defining this important question is how every great leader inspires others to take action. We all need to know why we are doing something and what is the reward for doing so.


Aluminum has potential brand recognition. This maintenance free fencing system allows for viable channels of distribution by the fence dealer (DIY, Specification, Wholesale). It is the easiest fence to install and has the highest degree of customer perceived value. When it is done right; aluminum fence is the most profitable system to market for high volume distribution.

All will benefit; referrals, higher closing percentages, happier customers, and less costly installs. Everyone wins!

4. Mandate that it is shown on every applicable sales call — with enthusiasm!! (kids, pools, dogs, security, boundary)

No new product will ever be sold unless the sales person sells it. In most cases, without a little direction from from the boss, most reps will sell ‘path of least resistance’. Why confuse an easy sale? There are two ways to sell aluminum; wait until someone asks for it OR promote it by simply suggesting; “you know what would be perfect for this”?…………….

5. Take video of project and customer testimonial and put it on Social Media. Boost the good ones!

This is a new one for today's world. The original market developers didn’t have this tool but you do which means you could even do it faster. Let’s be brutally honest about residential fence sales; homeowners view of the fence world is the fence on the right and the fence on the left. That is what they are going to request!

When you are able to convince a customer to be a trail blazer, they are usually happy to show off. Do a quick video of the project, secure an on camera testimonial, and post it on FaceBook. Boost the good ones locally.

Where is my proof that this will work? New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and many cities in the eastern United States.

There a many markets that are fully developed and aluminum fence is as omnipresent as wood — learn from some of those trailblazers — BRAND BRAND BRAND!

Why is your market not developed yet? No excuses now :)

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Peter Fickinger

Written by

30 years experience in Fence Industry From installer to Sales and Marketing Leader of several of the worlds top brands #builtbybarrette

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