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What’s a Table 1?

Although it isn’t always the case, in many scientific papers, particularly those reporting on randomized clinical trials, the first table is a comparison of the groups on various demographic and baseline variables. …

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Grammar and Syntax: Who needs them, anyway?

Well, you do. But not as much as you think you do. But first things first. What are grammar and syntax? Merriam Webster online defines grammar¹ as:

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v. To gush over the achievements of a loved one, especially…

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adj. Intended to create peace. A proposal intended to create peace is an eirenicon.


From Greek eirenikos, with the same meaning; that, in turn, is from Greek eirene (peace).


There are a great many words for “peaceful’’ and similar, but I don’t know of a synonym for eirenic.


This word…

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