NBA 2K17 Hack Cheats [100% WORKING] Unlimited VC Generator Android iOS

Peter Francis
Oct 13 · 4 min read

The last gaming generation brought a lot of changes to video games and the most prominent of these was a steady move towards mobile platforms. It was eventual for some long-running series like 2K Sport’s NBA franchise to eventually make a move towards mobile and the most recent of these is NBA 2K17 which is available for all 3 major current-gen consoles and the iOS and Android devices. And just like any game, there are ways that you can tweak your gaming experience here by using NBA 2K17 hacks, cheats, and other methods.

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Main Features:

The core gameplay of NBA 2K17 has remained the same ever since the first one more than a decade ago: play basketball. You can use any of the licensed NBA basketball teams and other foreign teams (with rosters according to their lineup as of 2016) or your own team to dribble, shoot, and dunk your way all to the championships. You can also manage the lineup of your team and train players to keep them in peak physical shape.

This recent entry to this series is special, however, as 2016 marked the final season of legendary NBA player, Kobe Bryant. As such, those who ordered the Gold and Legend Editions will feature Bryant as the cover athlete.

The interface for the mobile version is vastly different from its counterparts due the limited technology. This also means that the mobile versions are different in terms of graphics. However, the goal in the game remains largely the same with you and your team competing with other players through multiple modes and hopefully win.


Just like many mobile games out there, NBA 2K17 employs a currency system which allows you to unlock many items and players. Credits are won through winning matches or moving up through the ranks which will allow you to get the players that you want including Hall of Fame inductees as well as other perks and bonuses.

The problem here, however, is that it takes a while before you can even start buying anything considerable in the game. The startup credits you have will immediately be spent in building your own unique team and players and most of the high-valued unlocks are hidden behind high paywalls. As such, you can either go through the grind or use NBA 2K17 cheats to get them as quickly as possible.


The NBA videogame series has never been the one to include cheats inside the game code. However, there are number of hacks designed to “spice up” your experience. The most common of these is the NBA 2K17 Unlimited Credits hack which allows you to get all the credits you need for the game.

To use one, you have to find one first. Look for a NBA 2K17 cheat generator online as most of them are online. They are web-based which means that you don’t have to download anything to use them and the risk of getting a virus program are little to none at all.

Once you have found a generator, you will then be prompted to give your username in the game, your email address, and other pertinent information. You need not worry about this, though, as the generator is only trying to identify you and finding out where it should send the credits to.

After this, you will then be prompted to provide the amount of credits you need. Any amount is possible for the generator provided, however, that it is within the game’s set credit limit.

It will take a while for the generator to send the amount to you but you will know that the process is complete if the credits you requested are added to your current inventory. Once this is done, you can repeat the process for as long as you want to get an endless stream of free credits.

The Bottom Line:
Are the developers okay with these hacks? Not really. If they were, then they would have added it as a proper feature in the game. But will it break your game? The answer is no. The credits you get from a generator are coded the same as credits you legitimately earned through playing the game.

This means that you can get all the credits that you want and the game would not penalize you for doing so. If you are still a bit apprehensive with using an NBA 2K17 Credits Generator, however, you can always set up a different account for the cheats alone. This way, you can compare and contrast what it feels like to play with cheats or without.

There is also the issue if these generators require payment to use and the answer is one big no. Online generators do not require a monthly subscription nor does it require you to pay any amount for every use.

Once you have all the credits you need, most of the features, players, and items hidden behind huge pay walls are easier to access to. With credits no longer a problem, you can then focus all your efforts in getting good at the game and unlocking the high-valued, legendary players.

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