A new Far Cry 5 is on its way to the westworld

Far Cry series during the years has showed us breathtaking places like Micronesia, modern days Africa, Himalayas and even Prehistoric era and now seems that a new upcoming chapter is near and this time we are heading to the west gamers!

As one of the best first-person shooter video games franchise out there we are really glad to announce that during the next E3 event a new chapter of Far Cry will be presented and for all the big fans of westerns as we are the news is even more wonderful as it seems that in the 5th upcoming title we will be transported into the Wild west in america during the 19th century!

The rumors come from a true authority in video games journalism, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, so we are pretty sure that the setting must be right and even though there aren’t any images available to confirm anything yet it seems that developers at Ubisoft are going to take inspiration from the Chelsea Church in Poplar (Montana) as one of the game’s locations.

We just need one more month to go before Ubisoft will show to the world this great game and finally reveal everything about the project once and for all gamers!

Originally published at viralgamesnews.com.