Still the best strategy to adopt when you meet a Deathclaw in Fallout

Every gamer has his/her worst enemies list and if you are a FallOut fans Deathclaws must be in your list too. Today’s most viral news is about a very funny and very explicative video on how to deal with these terryfing post-apocalyptic monsters gamers!

Posted as a gif on Reddit by user HumanNutrStudent, this short animated video inspired by FallOut series give us a really good tips about Deathclaws. Stay away from them and as much as you can too!

Whoever has ever played any FallOut games knows them really well as Deathclaws are really among the toughest enemies you will ever encounter in a videogame!
 Let’s have some fun watching the Nevermind — 
FallOut 4 SFM video originally created by the talented Source Filmmaker animator Ferhod!

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