This Portal Gun will solve your commuting problems forever!

Everyday we wake up and go to work by car, train, bus, or feet and surely everyione would be much happier if a way to commute instantaneously already existed… Well today’s viral news could show you the the definitive solution to our commuting problems! Here we go the Portal gun!

Considered one of the best videogames ever Portal is a must-to-play, especially if you are into puzzle and sci-fi culture and everybody knows what makes the Valve’s game so unique, of course the iconic Portal gun ables to shoot and create portals on almost any kind of surfaces!

In the world of quantum physics the existence of a device like the Portal gun would be totally possible but creating warmholes from our bedroom to the nearest convenience store would be a totally different story… However, thanks to the creativity of an amazing artist such as ThrowingChicken we can show you a perfect replica of the futuristic gun in all its details and if you are really interested to know how this incredible collectible was made you can always go to visit the official page of the project here: Instructables/ThrowingChicken. If you are really looking forward to travel through Portals we can suggest you 2 options: The first one is to wait until the next century while the second one is to keep our fingers crossed and hope as hard as we can that Valve will release the exceptional Portal 3 VR really soon! Meanwhile you can take a look to the impressive gameplay video below gamers!

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