Call for Proposals — Animation of Global Tilt

Goal: A 30 second GIF animation of the earth spinning, with a red line emanating outward from the center of the earth’s axis.

Over time the axis spins either in a tight circle (during ice ages) and then in wider arcs, during warming periods. Show the global contracting and receding in glaciers (similar to the animation of what one year on the globe looks like).

Explain the logic of this quote:

So here is a crazy whacko theory about how an ice age gets kicked off. The theory goes that the further “south” (or out of position) the pole moves, the more it changes the solar insolation ratio of land/water to more land and less water. Since land has a higher albedo that water, its reduces the amount of energy from the sun that makes it into the atmosphere and that causes the temperature to drop, putting down more snow, higher albedo, more snow, until full on glaciation. Then the shifted mass of the water pulls the pole back to where we consider “normal”, things start melting, we exit the ice age the water moves around pulling the pole southward again, and like one of those giant “drinking bird” toys you could get in the science museum the planet goes in and out of ice ages.

Separate frames:

- How the angle of the tilt of the earth effects where light hits

How there is a different distribution of land in different parts (bands) of the globe

How more sun on land effects the amount of carbon produced.

(e.g. Russia gets more sunlight at a certain angle of the earth to the sun, this leads to more carbon bring produced).

More carbon = hotter temp = more melting till glaciers disappear

Show last 6 ages and time span.

Show earth expanding and contracting glaciers at the scientifically accurate rate.

Also — Pangea on a time scale slider

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