Proposal — games where students ask questions

Build games where students are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible. This could take many forms:

  1. A game where students post their questions to a communal board in real time as the class progresses. Students are given explicit stopping breaks to come up with questions, and every student must ask a question. Use a trained data set to instantly assess the quality of the questions, and use matching logic to find the most common questions. Post these questions to the board and share the most commonly asked ones. Perhaps also reward some of the oddball questions that only have one asker (e.g. Look at whose questions are being selected, and make sure there is an even balance so that everyone’s question is looked at least one time.)
  2. A questions game similar to Rosencratz and Guildenstern are Dead. Students have to respond to a question with another question, and they might be given certain prompts, fed by a well of prompts responsive to what is being said out load (via speech to text).
  3. Questions from Reading. Have students read a book/article and generate questions in response to the book. Auto grade questions and students earn points for the quality of the questions they generate.
  4. What else?
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