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I don’t buy this at all, although I respect the interesting thoughts. This episode though, much like the William/MIB fan theories, is about how you look at it.

It’s impossible to ignore the empowerment of Dolores’ deciding not to be the damsel. So why would you ignore the choice that she makes to decide to kiss William? This is a character who has existed to be pursued by Teddy and raped by other hosts or guests, yet, for the first time, feeling in control of her own destiny, she has chosen a man for reasons that appear to be hers and hers alone. He didn’t force himself on her; he didn’t even outwardly pursue her. This is visually shown as well when they’re fleeing the scene — she drags him along, not the other way around. Dolores is not the sidekick here; not anymore. She appears to be more of a leader than William. William is letting his circumstances dictate his behavior; Dolores is changing her behavior to dictate her circumstances. Why should she have to be asexual to recognize her autonomy?

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