Dementia tax: To soften us up for US style health insurance.
Roger C.

This is a very insightful blog. Integrating health and social care is a Tory aim, and creates the perfect framework for putting the provision of all social care at the disposal of the private sector, to plunder it; and to gradually blur the boundaries of health and social care. If helping to get a frail person to the toilet, or to take a bath, or to help them take a drink, or to swallow a tablet in their own home (or in residential care) is social care , how can it be anything else in a hospital? Simple answer, it must be the same. So it can be charged for (out of your estate if necessary).

If changing an incontinence garment is social care ‘in the community’, it should be so defined in hospital, and paid for. It’s not exactly a medical job, is it? Same goes for you bed and board, hire of bed, daily change of linen, breakfast, lunch and tea. Beverages of choice? Kerching! Social care charge, only reasonable, isn’t it? And you can defer the bill until you’re gone. Painless.

Easy to produce an invoice for a hospital stay: (Illustrative example of what it could look like)

24 hour stay, bed, linen change, soap and shampoo, TV and radio, WiFi access, social (non-nursing) room service (snacks, drinks): £90.00 + VAT

Items not included in room service according to tariff (examples as below):

Standard menu (4 meals a day, light breakfast, suppertime snack, mealtime beverages) £22.50

Standard supported bath or shower including disposables (20 minutes):

-self-mobilising client: £7

-wheelchair client (immersion bath) £15.25 (seated shower) £12.50

Incontinence (urinary) basic service package including disposables and intimate hygiene

-from £12 (or buy carnet of 10 for £100)

You think I’m touched in the head? Think again, I’ve worked as a nurse in the public and private sectors for over 50 years. I know how their minds work.