Interview with David Bernard from AssessFirst getting ready for HR Tech World

There are so many assessment providers it must be almost impossible for buyers to differentiate them all. But some are going beyond simple skills and psychometric profiles into predicting performance. AssessFirst are one such company and I spoke to David Bernard, CEO and Chief Creative Officer.

How would you describe your company and product?

We are experts in predictive recruitment having developed our own solution with the capacity and ability to assess candidates and current employees on their ability to succeed and deliver on the job. This is based on:

  • Potential
  • Drivers
  • Personality

Are you launching anything new at HR Tech and if so, what?

The first new feature is the prediction on how a candidate will work with their new manager. Typically candidates are assessed as individuals rather than looking at the relational environment.

We are also launching a new version of the campaign system so users can also manage their workflow with AssessFirst.

Apart from new customers, what else do you hope to get out of being at HR Tech World?

As a cloud-based system with an open API, we are looking to work with more partners such as ATS vendors and video recruitment systems.

Who should come and see you to get the most value from your product/service?

We work with large organisations that are continuously recruiting but also offer a solution with our new campaign system for small companies who do not have an existing ATS.

What is your key message to delegates going to Paris?

The world is changing so fast with lots of talk about digital transformation. However, it is not just a matter of the tools but the cultural revolution. HR need to come and see what is going on, capture this, and be interested in the potential of (their) people.

Can delegates book a time to come and see you and if so, where will they find you?

We are at Stand 203 so please come along and say hello or feel free to email us at

Meet AssessFirst @HRTECHWORLD in Paris on the 25th-26th of October. Get a ticket to join us!

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