How many ideas fail to launch?

Failure to launch is not a reference to the romantic comedy starring SJP and Matthew McConaughey from 2006, but more a reference to the amount of people that discuss their eureka idea but do nothing about it.

Starting a business is daunting, the risk of leaving your steady pay cheque for the unknown, or often being a director / business owner seems like a million miles away from the role they are currently doing.

The biggest area of failure to launch is when your idea contains a technology component?? Oh deary me. When discussing my ad technology business Brighter Option (now at Salesforce) the biggest question is where did you start if you are not an engineer?

The first thing I did was find an engineer. I was lucky however because I found a genius by the name of Andrew Craven and he set the path for the product to be the biggest in the market at that time. Throughout the growth Andrew built a formidable team around him, but very few people however know where to find their “Craven” and it all becomes a little daunting, which results in the eventual momentum killer. The eureka idea is then becomes another pub story 3 years later when someone else does it.

It pleases me greatly to now have an answer as to where to start if someone wants to build tech. It comes in the format of, founded and run by my friend Matt Jonns. Firstly, Matt saw a unique approach to an old age problem and what they are doing is perfect for the tech or the non tech, tech company founders. Secondly, I have been asked and accepted to join the board of this one year old company to assist and guide them with blowing this business sky high.

I see a great future in this business model which in turn will help entrepreneurs looking to build a tech company to get it off the ground a lot quicker and more cost effectively. However, uCreate is not just about starting a business, I have seen several companies come to them seeking assistance in getting their idea back on track, whether someone has left the engineering team or the original team simply didn’t work out. uCreate can pick up the product and project and get it over the line.

As part of their service, they will provide the end to end solution to getting your idea off the ground, both at break neck speed and reasonable pricing. All you have to do is sit in a room with them, tell them all about it, and within a week or so they will have a clear and defined route to build for your tech. Their pricing model is unique as well, not for sharing on a post but it results in people saying yes to scratch the tech itch.

So, if you have a tech idea but no idea where to start. Let me know and I will point you in the right direction to a successful launch. Time to scratch that itch people.

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