OS X: Screen Sharing

My first experience with screen sharing was back when I was working for a small independent pharmacy. They utilized programs that made their day to day operations easier, but not without complications. There were times when the program malfunctioned and it led us to call their tech support. We summarized the issue over the phone, they took control of the screen and within a few minutes the issue was resolved.

While attending the Flatiron School, I found use for screen sharing. It can be a very useful tool for group projects and completing difficult labs. Nothing can beat an in-person interaction with your peers. However, there will be circumstances when you’re alone and require help or guidance. That’s where screen sharing can come in handy.

The Mac OS X Yosemite comes with a built in screen sharing capability. Just make sure that both laptops give access to screen sharing in settings.

Step 1: Open the Messages app(sign in using Apple Id if you don’t have an iPhone).

Step 2: Click on “details” on the top right and then click on the screen share icon(rectangle box) and request to see their screen or invite them to see your screen.

Step 2

Step 3: Once the approval is given, a window will open, showing their screen in realtime. If you want to control their screen, you can also ask for approval by clicking on the top right icon, under “control”.

Step 3

One other great feature that comes with screen sharing is the ability to talk and converse throughout the experience.

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