Ride the social media roll out wave

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We used Facebook Live extensively in our campaign. The main reason for using this platform over others is FB’s promotion of the service. FB Live is a feature being pushed by Facebook to compete with Snapchat/Periscope/new entries. Because of this, they promotes Live Broadcasts to the top of everyone’s feed and notify friends/followers. Using the service, we implemented an interview series where the candidate talked with people in the district from different social settings about substantive issues facing the district. See case study in the series for more information on this process.

(If you’re an incumbent, you should look at the FB Town Hall feature. It just launched, so they will likely put a strong push to promote it.)

Facebook isn’t unique in promoting new services. Each platform will have a new differentiator every few quarters. Let their promotion of a product benefit your promotion of a campaign. Different social platforms also cater to different demographics. Make sure your message on each platform matches the audience for each app. Recognize that there isn’t a silver bullet when it comes to social media. Facebook has the larger numbers, but platforms like SnapChat may have a more loyal following.

To help amplify, have a volunteer subcommittee on your campaign that reposts your content across multiple outlets. This is covered in more detail in the Empower your Volunteers section.

Social media companies are rapidly changing, new entries are always launching, and, like campaigns, these platforms are in a constant battle for eyeballs. Understanding their business’ needs should help in understanding how to be the most effective in using their resources to aid the campaign. Don’t fight these changes, ride the wave.

Step 5: Target your candidate’s idiosyncrasies, then find that rare community online