Peter Pink-Howitt, “Dolphins at dawn”, algo-art, 2022 CE.


Shiver of sea

Sparkling splinter of

Numinous ocean

Gifted personality

The Great Green

Divested of all terror

Its playfulness distilled to

Living livery of wave

I return new-born

With Dawn’s

Rose fingered bloom

To find you

Hoping you will

Humour me

(You always decide whether we shall meet

In the scary deep)

Yearning to grasp you

On this moving


Of touching

Not touching

Today, will you be:

Smooth sleekit slip of curling curiosity

Or glistening glory of somersaulting spray

That makes me cry out loud with glee

(Like I am 5 years young again and

There is nothing but this!)

Your meanest of tricks could

Make a romp of otters blush

I can’t get enough of you; could hunt you forever

I pray we never catch you



Peter Pink-Howitt, “Ariel”, algo-art, 2021 CE

Where are you dreaming child of the sea?

I awoke to the dawn without you.

The first light of the day,

Illuminated only your absent shadow.

The memory of you

Burned in my mind,

Before I had opened my eyes.

Only yesterday

we drifted together contentedly

and, with just one arm,

I enclosed you completely.



Peter Pink-Howitt, “flowing sagacity”, algo-art, 2022 CE

Sleepy towns divided by a stone’s throw

Speaking different languages within hearing distance

And always the river’s lullaby

Its gently caressing song:

“your differences are arbitrary

if only you would know

and like my distant tributaries

you form the same great flow

Two days we drifted languidly

Past elephant and buffalo

And children playing free


As we

Schooled daily

In flowing




Peter Pink-Howitt

Peter Pink-Howitt

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