Generation X had the luxury of being rebel slackers, but Millennials have to be total squares
Stephanie Buck

Every Generation has experiences that are unique, as their circumstances are built on the sum total of all that came before them. For example, I was born in western Canada in 1964. I worked in the Restaurant business from age 12 — part time up to age 15, then full time until 21, then I joined the Army. I lived for the first 25 years of my life without any form of Digital Computer system whatsoever, and was first exposed to one professionally (an advanced weapons control system in the Canadian Armed Forces). I did not own a Cell phone until age 31, and certainly didn’t rely on it for all my access to information, banking, News, etc…If I wanted money, I had to physically go to a bank, during Business hours. If I did not have cash or a Credit Card in my pocket, I could not buy anything. Little things that folks today don’t even think about, which defined what you could or couldn’t do with your time, back then……..

Today, the world is a very different place. Young people are not allowed to work as young as they once were, “for their own protection” (I don’t buy THAT bullshit for one second). Educational requirements are VASTLY different now, and a well-rounded public education does not seem to be obtainable any more. You must take the initiative and expand your mind by reading widely — especially people with whose opinions you disagree — and travelling as much as you can — trust me, you will not regret it. Frankly, from my perspective, comparing each Generation in relative terms is a fool’s errand. Everyone has simply done the best they could, with the resources and information available to them at the time. All you young folk today, you’re going to be all right. It seems like things are not changing and you’re slogging through misery every day, but it IS changing, because YOU are changing and growing. YOU, who decide to do sensible things with your time and connect with other people without booze or drugs..YOU who decide to be aware of Social Justice issues, and be a good neighbor. I’m telling you right now, Life WILL get better, and the experiences that you are having now will make you appreciate your successes later on. Hang in there, you’re doing fine.