I have just awoken. And if I am awake, it means the world needs saving.

Just kidding! My name’s Kinley. I have a rare disorder, and I’m part of a medical program that puts patients into a frozen state until a cure for their illness is found. And if I’m awake, that actually means they found my cure. My doctor told me keeping a journal is good for rehabilitation, both for my treatment and for adapting to the modern world.

I was put to sleep in… 2052. So it’s been… 7… 37 years? But I haven’t aged. So I’m still 15. I still remember my birth year but I can’t use it to calculate my age anymore. I guess I’ll just have to keep up with the math. My doctor — he’s not the same doctor who put me to sleep — told me not to worry, and that I’ll have a good place to stay once my treatment is over. But he hasn’t said a word about whether my parents are the ones taking me home. I guess I’ll see. I’m sure they’re fine.

I can’t have visitors for a while, at least beyond the same few doctors and nurses who visit my room. So I guess you and I are in it for the long run, huh journal? Get used to it. See you tomorrow!