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Transform Your Leadership with a Simple Daily Phone Call

Develop and share the only habit you’ll ever need with kind, powerful accountability.

My Friend!

I have a simple practice to share with you. It has transformed my life. It has been proven in the world of leaders and executives. You can get started right now!

This practice will help you and a friend achieve whatever is in your hearts together. You will be able to form and maintain adaptive behaviours to anything life throws at you. You will both massively grow your skills as coaches, leaders, collaborators, teachers, counsellors and companions.

And it’s fun and simple!

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Grab a Pen & Paper, or pull-up a Digital Notepad.

Got your writing gear?

Let’s go.

1. 📝 Write down a daily habit you’re growing.

Meditation? Running? Not picking your nose? Example: “5 minutes of meditation at 7am”


2. 📝 Now write down an important relationship in your life.

3. 📝 Next, write down one specific thing you could do every day that would massively benefit this important relationship?

Example: “Give my spouse a meaningful, supportive compliment”


How about your work?

4. 📝 Write down one specific thing that you could do every day to massively increase the value you give in your work, to your tasks, colleagues, clients or customers.

Example: “only check phone during breaks”

How about your health?

5. 📝 Write down one specific thing that you could do every day to massively improve your health.

Example: “stay hydrated the entire day”

How about your relationship with technology?

6. 📝 Write down one specific thing that you could do every day to keep your relationship with technology healthy.

Example: “don’t text or call while driving”

Is there anything you’ve been avoiding?

7. 📝 Write down one specific thing that you’ve been avoiding that you know would massively benefit your life.

Example: “Booking a dentist appointment”

Ok great!

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Why is this so much more powerful than other practices?

Here’s a question for you: 

Why haven’t you already been doing these things?

You’ve tried other ways to shift these behaviours.

What was missing?

There are four key elements to behaviour change: motivation, awareness, positive action and accountability — Peter Jacobson

Accountability is the motor that makes it easy to stay motivated, grow your awareness beyond your introspective capacity and consistently take those positive actions you know are so valuable.

The best accountability is accepting, curious, playful, loving and clearly, kindly challenging. 

Accountability shouldn’t be a scary, judgemental thing. In this practice you’ll learn how to create an empowering, energising accountability dynamic that will benefit all of your relationships.


Step 8.

Let’s find some you some friendly accountability.

8. 📝 Write down a list of 3 people who you would love to learn with and from.

Example: “1. Rupert, 2. Chloe, 3. Rosie”


Read what you’ve written.

If only there was a way to guarantee you’re going to do all these wonderful things that will give you a connected, rewarding and abundant life!

Uh huh.

You guessed it.

There is a way.

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It takes 10 minutes to get started.

Follow these 7 quick and easy steps. 

1. Open 🔗 this form link 🔗 in a new tab:

2. Make a copy of that form:

3. Edit your form name and the personal questions with the questions you wrote down earlier:

4. Visit the Form View page:

5. Copy the link to the Form view page:

6. Message each of the 3 beautiful people you wrote down before with a message like this:

You can copy and edit this message to get you started:

Hi <Rupert>!
I’m experimenting with a new practice that I’d really value your accountability with — I think you might find it really beneficial too! Here’s a story that explains it:
Here’s a link to the questions I made: <>
Making a home screen shortcut to this will make it way easier, here’s how to do it on an iPhone: and on an Android smartphone:
Does <7:30–7:50am> work for you for the next 5 days, starting this coming Monday morning?
Let me know if this is something that would be beneficial for you to try. I’d love to share this experiment with you!

If more than one person wants to do it with you, pick one person to team up with, and suggest your other friends each message 3 other beautiful people they know to do it with. You don’t need to team up with everyone. It is a gift to help someone realise that they want to try something new — you can be the seed of positive change, and trust & support your other friends to find their awesome team-mate.

7. Fulfil the commitment: Call each other for 5 days!

Then reflect. Did it have a positive influence on your life? If it did, keep going! If it didn’t, why didn’t it? What could you try next?

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May friendly accountability be with you

Go well my friend! Let me know in the comments below or at peter@throughtheloop.nzwhat your experience is! I’d also love to hear any feedback about this process — what worked well for you? What could be improved?

🙏 Credit

This practice was developed with excellent person, business analyst and team facilitator Rupert Snook.

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