The Contextual Bubble
Rand Hindi

Hi Rand,

Great article!

I have an idea that you may be interested in. 11 years ago we invented a ‘Contextual Data Communications Platform’ (U.S.Patent 7873710 now owned by RPX Corp).

We solved the following problems — automated consumer consent, security of the consumers data and perhaps the most important of all — a contextual user interface that works the same across all mobile platforms. The user interface can be programmed in real time using HTML commands to change the menus of the application to reflect the ‘context’ in the moment.

Yes, we can now modify a compiled apps menus so that they reflect new context (services) along with the corresponding content that goes with them.

I read your post with great interest as I can see the issues that you’re facing are the same we faced over a decade ago, especially when it comes to Inter Program Communications (IPC), cross platform support with the same UI and consumer privacy and security.

I also wondered what would happen if you didn’t need to worry so much about Privacy by Design but instead could focus on Privacy by Consent.

The real power of AI can be realized not only by large data sets but also the real time context of the actual consumer where you can receive much larger sets of contextual user, device, IoT, and location data in real time.

My personal feeling is that it would be a game changer with a real business model — something we call ‘negotiated digital commerce’: Choice in what I give, and who I give it to, in return for what I get.

If you’re interested let’s chat.

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