A Mentorship in Mindfulness

Update (15 August): I have spent the last few weeks reading some wonderful applications for mentorship, and also bouyed by many messages of encouragement as well. It’s been an incredible privilege to connect with each person that has reached out — whether via email, over a call or meeting in person.

I’ve now responded to each person who has applied, and started working with the 3 people selected — with the selection based upon factors such as that applicant’s readiness for the work, and the extent to which they may be able to help other people.

I would have liked to work with many more, but perhaps there will be further opportunity later to do so.

On that note, I have decided to run another 3 month programme, after this one concludes. And from there, we will see. Perhaps there will be another programme after that also. I’m open to where this work leads.

If there is interest to connect for a future programme, please be welcome to reach out to me at: peterjhuynh@me.com

This is part of my contribution to community, and my expression of thanks for the great privileges that I have received — and I’m so glad and thankful that it has resonated with so many people. Thank you.

I’ve been practising mindfulness meditation for more than 10 years now, and have been on a journey of self awareness for a longer period.

I’ve also been teaching the basics of mindfulness meditation to small groups since 2008.

Now I am looking to teach and work with 3 students on a 1:1 basis — I am looking for students who are interested in exploring a deeper level of self awareness and self development.

During the last 10 years, I’ve worked with 3 teachers for periods of ~2 years each. I worked with them 1:1, and it was clear that the pace at which I was able to learn was much faster, when compared with times I practised on my own. I am still working with my 3rd teacher, and I am in deep gratitude to each teacher for their support and guidance.

I am undertaking this as a labour of love, as I want to share what I’ve learnt with people who are ready. But you must be committed.

Our work will focus on the following:

  • A return to the self — helping you find a deeper sense of who you are through meditation and enquiry;
  • We will work on remembering who you are and what you are, returning to the being that you are;
  • We start with the self, as it is the foundation upon which contribution to community can grow, based upon a deeper and wider understanding of self.

We will do this by:

  • Meditation: Dropping in, exploring your concept of self, exploring who you are, asking questions like; Who am I, What am I here for, What do I want to create?
  • Exploring; What has been stopping me? What programs am I running? What patterns are at play? What is me and what is not me?
  • I will help you reflect upon yourself and explore your sense of self.

I will provide:

  1. A private and confidential space that is open to exploring all things, a sacred, safe and non-judgmental space.
  2. My time…
  • The sessions will be 1 hour or so in duration;
  • There will be 1 session each fortnight, for at least 3 months (min 6 sessions);
  • Most of the sessions will be conducted online via video call;
  • I travel between Sydney (GMT +10) and Singapore (GMT +8), and our sessions will be likely be in either of those timezones;
  • There may be 1–2 face to face sessions if you are in Sydney or Singapore.

Who I am looking to work with:

  • You have to be fearless, be willing to be honest with yourself and in turn also with me — radical candour is a minimum requirement;
  • I haven’t heard the phrase radical curiousity or radical open-mindedness coined before, but you will need that also — these are minimum table stakes;
  • You need to be willing to go beyond emotional pain, as some aspects may be tough or confronting, so you need to be willing to go there. The work is in ‘seeing’ yourself and developing your self-awareness at a depth you will not have experienced before — and for some people this can be a painful experience;
  • Having said that, the journey of self discovery as part of this process may also be incredibly beautiful and moving. It was and continues to be for me;
  • You will ideally already be on the journey — likely already in meditation, perhaps have read some books on the topic, perhaps have worked with some teachers in the past. None of this is a pre-requisite, but please note that this is not a beginner’s course in mindfulness or Meditation 101 : )

There are no fees involved— this is a labour of love and my contribution to building community and leadership— but you must be committed in terms of time, energy and openness.

If you are interested to apply, please reach out to me via email at peterjhuynh@me.com and let me know:

  1. The journey you have been on so far;
  2. Why you would like to undertake the work;
  3. If you can set aside the time to be available over a ~3 month period, for 1 hour or so, each fortnight.

Please send your application to peterjhuynh@me.com by latest 31st July 2017.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments.

P.S. If all this is gibberish to you (it was once for me too), that’s OK as well.

This is me in my “Tech Investor” uniform ; ) This mentorship is not related to my work as an investor.