Explore Air Drone Review-Does It Really Work or Scam

peter john
May 31 · 6 min read

The Explore Air Drone belongs to the class of drone family that serves many purposes as well. The drone can be used to make some awesome memories in terms of videos or photos. Professionals like cinematographers and photographers can find the best use of the drone to maximize their creative output for the same.

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The Explore Air Drone can be used to make some beautiful videos with excellent resolution, and most importantly, it is a lot cheaper as compared with the other drones of its category. The drone comes with 4K video recording video and image stabilization.

Also, the drone can be controlled quite easily with a remote which comes along with the drone itself. If required, it can be controlled with the help of a smartphone. The remote comes with a screen so that we can see whatever the drone is trying to capture or record for the same. The drone can also anticipate with hand signals so that the user can do not have to be with the controls every time. Despite having such excellent features, the drone comes at an affordable price; this is the main reason that the Explore Air Drone is trending now.

Main Highlights of the Explore Air Drone:-

The main highlights of the Explore Air Drone are listed as follows:

  1. The picture follows: This is one of the exciting features of the drone that it can portrait follow. The drone cameras can follow a photograph just with the swipe of the smartphone.
  2. The direction of Flight: The Air Drone can follow a trajectory flight which can be determined by the smartphone. The Air Drone will continue its flight in the given trajectory so that the user can focus on other things rather than controlling the drone only.
  3. High-Quality Camera and Picture-in-Picture Display: The Drone comes with two 4K full HD cameras so that the moments you capture do not compromise with the quality of the picture. The drone also comes with a split-screen so that it can be used to preview the photos taken by the camera.
  4. Gesture Control: The Drone comes with tons of gesture control that are mentioned in the manual quite exclusively. The user can perform a particular action with hands, and accordingly, the drone will perform a specific function as well.
  5. Flight time: Now, here is how the Explore Air Drone outperforms other drones in this area. All other drones in this area come with an average flight time of about 10 minutes only. Once fully charged, the Explore Air Drone has a flight time of about 15 minutes so that you can capture all the moments you need to without worrying about the battery.

Advantages of the Explore Air Drone:

The drone comes with some fantastic features which make it more useful than other drones in this category. Some of the vital advantages are listed as:-

  1. The drone comes with a relatively high capacity Lithium-ion battery to support flight up to 15 minutes.
  2. It is super portable due to its compact and foldable design so that you do not have to worry about the space that is consuming.
  3. The user can plan the trajectory with the help of the flight tracking feature that it uses.
  4. The cameras also come with a 120-degree wide-angle lens so that it can expand the vision of the user.
  5. All the videos and photos captured by the cameras can be easily transferred with the help of real-time Wifi Connection.
  6. The drone also comes with a lightweight design but has a durable structure which in turn makes the drone much more reliable.
  7. The drone also comes with shockproof technology, and this makes it more durable.

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Working of the Explore Air Drone:

The user experience of the drone is extremely satisfying as you will not have any issue with blur photos or unstabilized videos. The drone can smoothly go from anywhere 0–150m above the ground without losing its control from the remote. The cameras installed capture full HD videos with image stabilization so that there are no bumps or jerks in the videos. Also, the user-friendly remote helps the user to control as it is required.

Technical Facts:

Some of the mesmerizing technical facts of the drone are as follows:

  1. It has a movable 4K full HD camera that is capable of taking energetic high-resolution photos and videos.
  2. The drone comes with an optical stream which anticipates according to the situation and provides a smooth and steady video shooting despite the fact that the object is moving in any direction.
  3. The drone also comes with a particular elevation level that sets the user ahead of time so that he can work on other things such as the subject of the video or photo as well.
  4. The drone comes with a motion sensor that senses the motion of your hand to capture the moment just with the gesture of a hand.
  5. The user just needs to draw the path of the flight on the screen, and the drone will accordingly cover the path as it is on the screen.
  6. The drone also comes with MV editing so that it permits the user to furnish the photographs and videos.
  7. The drone comes with a 6-hub gyroscope that helps in balancing the drone without having any stability issue when it is in the air.
  8. The dimension of the folded drone is 136x85x60mm, and the aspect of the full drone is 270x260x60mm.

Specifications of the Explore Air Drone:

The major specifications of the Explore Air Drone are as follows:

  1. The drone comes with a sensor that is capable of supporting Bayer Quad Technology, which is excellent for better image stabilization.
  2. The drone also comes with intelligent shooting mode for some awesome photos. The camera also includes ActiveTrack 3.0, Spotlight, and Point of Interest 3.0 to maximize the creativity of the user.
  3. The remote control that the drone uses comes with 240 min battery life and catchy design for a comfortable grip for the user.
  4. The Advanced Pilot Assistance System(APAS) uses mapping technology to avoid obstacles in its path. The sensor installed analyzes the situation in three different directions: forward, backward, and downward, which in turn improves the visibility and the obstacle avoiding feature.
  5. The drone also comes with OcuSync 2.0 feature that allows Video and photograph transmission up to 10km radius and broadcasting in 1080p full HD resolution directly from the drone camera itself. This feature can be extensively used by the Vloggers to show live content on their vlogs. The OcuSync comes with 5.8GHz dual-frequency automatic switching.
  6. The Point of Interest(POI) feature can track moving objects like cars, peoples, and then can be used accordingly by the requirement of the user.
  7. The camera lens comes with a 1/2 inch CMOS sensor which is capable of taking 48mp high-resolution photographs. The camera also comes with advanced features like Panorama mode and dynamic range, thereby producing excellent vivid photos having accurate colors as that of the environment.

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How is the Explore Air Drone different from others?

In comparison with this price range, Explore Air Drone offers much more functionality and features. This drone is generally designed to have all the latest specifications in the market at a much affordable price because the main target audience is youngsters. The vloggers can use this product to produce their content. Others include photographers, cinematographers for impressing their audience as well.

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