How to Design an Office that Motivates Your Employees

Your employees are your first priority; like it is always said that if you take care of your employees, then they will certainly take care of your business.

More than 50% of our lives is spent sitting indoors, working at a computer in a boring office. This greatly affects our mental health and work productivity. A spacious and advanced workplace always helps employees deliver greater output. If the office is comfortable and appealing, your employees will genuinely perform better.

Designing an office that sparks employee motivation is important

Mondays should not be like “ O No!”, rather they should be like “ O Yes!”. Your employees must feel happy to be at office and work with passion.

Motivate your employees, praise them for their work and never forget to always “reward” them when they achieve a target. But sometimes inspiration can run dry because of various factors, one among them is a mundane office with a lack of space and quality furniture.

Look around your office. Is it looking dull and boring? If yes, then you must consider an office makeover. While you start refurnishing and repainting, think twice and evaluate your office culture and environment. Every office is unique and has different work culture, and the designing of the office must go by it.

Studies and surveys have been conducted to evaluate the employees’ basic needs. It has been estimated that 90% of the employees are unsatisfied with their work environment. Privacy is a critical issue at offices with open work space. Although open work environment generates transparency and greater work power, but sometimes becomes a hindrance in the path of productivity. People fail to concentrate in their work and most of the time get busy discussing other business than work.

To engage the workers and increase their productivity, you need to allow them privacy and comfort at office. In this manner, your employees will develop a sense of belonging to the company’s culture.

Lets focus on other facts that affect the performance of the employees:

  • Lighting: While we work in a closed place, sufficient amount of light is a primary need. Bright and luminous places keep us awake and focused. Remember while you consider lighting, never do it too bright or dim. Always keep it moderate and focused on the areas where it is mostly needed. Too much light will cause a headache and a dim one will be a reason for eye problem. It is good to amalgamate both natural and artificial light in the office. You can seek for a professional help to do it the right way.
  • Temperature: A moderate kind of temperature is essential for offices. The brain starts malfunctioning when there is a drop or rise in temperature. While considering temperature, you need to maintain a constant temperature at office. Too hot or too cold will distract the employees. Yes, it is difficult to find a perfect temperature that suits all but with the help of professionals this problem can be resolved.
  • Furniture: The furniture in the office plays a huge role in changing the mood of the employees. The chair on which we sit for 8 to 9 hours everyday must be a comfortable one. Considering the health of the employees, the office chairs and desks need to be well maintained. Other furniture such as cabinets, drawers and racks must be deigned according to the needs of the employees.

These are the three important factors to be focused while renovating the office.

Your office must be designed in such a way that noise won’t be a hindrance. Some people work better in a noisy place while others need pin drop silence. So, there must be a quite area in your office where your employees can go when they need silence. This will accelerate the productivity of your employees. When it comes to cubicles for employees, Herman miller office cubicles orange county are not only comfortable,but appealing too. The manufacturers of these cubicles know their work and always satisfy their customers. You can resort to them while you think of renovating your office.

By now you might have already designed an image of your office in your head. What about a cool lounge? This will add up to your office environment and relax your staff. The most savviest companies have already figured out that a colorful and creative lounge makes employees feel much more relaxed and energetic. You need to make the office more lively and energetic so that a positive environment prevails and your employees remain engaged. As we all know , “ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, refreshment and fun is important to let your employees work better. So, a healthy office space with proper lighting, moderate temperature, well designed furniture, and a cool lounge is all that you need to enhance the productivity of your employees.