What Happens When (Virtually) No One Buys Your Book
Christopher Pierznik

I’m not a published writer. I just started scribbling, I don’t know, stories — if I may be allowed to call them as such. I post them on Wattpad, and I have no thoughts of getting them published. The thought of sending them to local publishers or editors makes me freak out (secretly). Cut to the chase. I feel what you described here in your article. I get that same deflated feeling you get. It’s that terrible feeling that comes after all the excitement in posting installments of my story and seeing little to no engagement (i.e. feedback or comments). I feel dreadful, partly because I begin to ask myself whether the readers are lazy or whether they have abandoned me. But the greater bit of that terrible feeling has something to do with how I view myself as a writer. The low reads and lack of feedback give me that creepy sense of failure. It makes me question whether I can really do this, whether I can actually write, or whether whatever I write matters. But thanks for reminding mortals like me with zero accomplishment of what lies at the core of this pursuit — the cathartic drive to build worlds and bring characters to life.

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