Benefits of Custom Molded Fiber Packaging

Product and Manufacturers
2 min readJan 11, 2018


You know those drink carriers you use when you’re the one nominated to go get lunch or afternoon coffee for everyone in the office? Most of them are made from molded fiber. You can use custom molded fiber packaging for your business because it has many benefits. It is used to secure and separate, such as the coffee cups, protect in packaging, and even protect during shipping. Here are several benefits you’ll realize from custom molded packaging services.


The number one benefit of molded fiber packaging is protection. This material is molded to fit whatever is in the box or, in the case of the cups, to hold something in place. When something fits perfectly and is held still, there is less chance of damage during shipment. This material blocks, braces, cushions, and supports whatever it is designed to form to, which makes its performance in protecting your goods superior over other packaging supplies.


When you purchase your custom molded fiber packaging from the right vendor, chances are it will partially or fully made from recycled content. This means it’s recyclable once your customer receives his or her product and for many consumers, this is crucial. Today’s primary consumer is the Millennial, and this generation was raised during the height of concern over global warming. He or she will be happy to receive his or her order intact and packaged using recyclable materials.

Pricing Stability

This type of packaging is manufactured consistently and doesn’t really change in terms of pricing. Because it uses post-consumer materials, it may even be priced inexpensively to encourage purchase. You needn’t worry about ordering your custom molded inserts at one price one time only to find the price has been raised exponentially at your next order. Unlike your weekly trip to the grocery store, inflation doesn’t affect this manufacturing industry as much.

Maximize Space

Larger fiber molding can be used to nest and stack merchandise on pallets to increase your transport and storage capacity if your business is logistics and warehousing. When you maximize your pallet counts, you minimize your need for additional space. This allows you, the warehouse manager, to rent more space. If you are the lessee, you can store more products in your space when you use molded fiber packaging as part of your storage plan.

Custom molded fiber packaging is beneficial for these reasons and many more. Contact a reliable manufacturer today to discuss your packaging needs and how it can customize the molding to your specifications.