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Despite often being in the top 10 highest company expenditures, AWS (Amazon Web Services) spend is typically not well understood and poorly optimized for savings. No one typically objects towards saving money, yet it can be a very daunting task for an engineering team. Most small to medium engineering organizations do not strictly control and/or optimize AWS spend. Meanwhile, your companies finance team is desperately trying to conserve capital while silently sobbing as smoke from all the burning cash is wafting about the office.

Why is it so challenging for companies, both big and small, to take advantage of seemingly…

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Project management can be a daunting job. In my line of work, software, it is not uncommon for project tasks to have a vague title and a description that is either sparse or entirely empty. The result is often confusion around the intent of the issue which leads to missed milestones and inefficiency. In order to communicate your project goals effectively, every project task should have at a minimum: a title, description, and a definition of done.

I learned about this technique many years ago from a very talented project manager, andy cleff. The definition of done defines what is…

I had heard the word DevOps mentioned over the last several years, but I never gave it much thought. Perhaps I’m dense; my official job title is DevOps Engineer, however, I’ve since been “promoted” to Hip-Hoperations Engineer.

Since attending ChefConf 2015 I’ve learned that having DevOps in your job title may or may not be “good”, depending on whom you ask. Has my ignorance resulted in a DevOps faux pas? …

Python is a fun programming language that is used to solve all kinds of problems, including the problem of personal boredom. This multi-part tutorial is for people with little to no programming experience. While there are plenty of resources on the internet for kids to begin learning how to program, I wanted to make it as easy as possible to get started. As a father of two small children, I also wanted to create this as a resource for parents, who may not know anything about programming, to work with their kids.

Often times a programming language tutorial will begin…

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Father, husband, Trekkie, and human. Loves dad jokes and hammocks. @peterjshan on twitter.

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