• Penrose Learning

    Penrose Learning

    Penrose Learning provides everything need to learn online computer programming in a fun way. We offers easy access to popular coding languages to your Kids.

  • Brandon Bjelland

    Brandon Bjelland

    Internet plumber, kombucha brewer, Aplental ski rat, husband, dog dad. Fumbling my way through entrepreneurship, like anything else.

  • Arlene Joy

    Arlene Joy

    Marketing Director for DevOps Institute. Virtual CMO at Smarketing Success. Helping businesses shine online with content marketing.

  • Michael Kory Wilson

    Michael Kory Wilson

  • Patrick Skelding

    Patrick Skelding

    30 something father of two who loves being a nerd & loves all things nerd. I try and analyze the world with a perspective of the past & vision for the future

  • Fernando Santana

    Fernando Santana

    ante todo mucha calma

  • nalin sharma

    nalin sharma

  • fire9



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