Lily, The Super Selfie Cam

You throw it into the air, and it automatically hovers and follows, leads, or circles around you — 10 to 50 feet in the air, 5 to 100 feet away — taking HD video and photos.

It follows or leads your position with a combination of GPS (it has one, and you carry or wear a small tracker puck with you) and computer vision. It comes back to you when you press a button on the tracker puck.

It will fly for about 20 minutes on a charge. Takes two hours to recharge. Top speed of 25mph. (Did you ever think you’d have a camera with a top speed?) It’s waterproof and floats (but it’s not submersible), and measures about 10.25” by 10.25” by 3.25”.

$500 to pre-order, $1000 after pre-sales are over.

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