Here’s what I want from Apple
Dmitri Zdorov

I agree with many of your points. Personally, my workflow is mostly drag and drop based, so I would like Apple to continue to push this interaction method. I’ve had to switch off force click because it just interferes with my work. I would also prefer paying for OS updates again. At least I could be treated like a customer and I would ‘get’ something for my money. When they became free I always wondered if it handed too much power to Apple or possibly causes a loss of incentive. I’d like there to de a dedicated OS team again and one working on the bugs described. I’ve volunteered on their beta program for years (not the public one), but I’ve more or less stopped. I mean, I’ve had a few nice emails saying ‘your assistance helped us fix X’, but half the time I don’t know what the focus area should be. If there was just a bit of communication, I think the community would really help. Since lots of other things don’t get fixed/developed you end up wondering ‘what is the point?’.

Ultimately, it would be great if Apple realised touch isn’t the last word in UI design. Mac is flexible and iPad has backed itself into a UI corner. There are many times per day where I think ‘wouldn’t it be great if they did that’. In the past, it was Apple’s job to do that. Please, let macOS off iOS’ leash…

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