This Koch-backed group invites you to celebrate fossil fuels on Earth Day
Kiley Kroh

I think the ‘art prize’ should go to whoever cooked this up. It’s a brilliant piece of conceptual art, well for an undergraduate.

Here’s my crit of their work:

  • Next time, don’t use such an obvious symbol. A globe being held by hands. A oil pump. That’s so obvious. It’s the sort of thing a kid who could draw in your class at school would have done, if he had been paired with the clever but unremarkable kid for a school competition. So kids, make us a poster that promotes oil (check) but make it caring (check) by including hands (check) holding the globe (check).
  • Well done for reading books on critical theory and gender studies but unfortunately I have to hand you a C- for understanding. Tish tish. Let’s just say the old either/or paradigm struck again and you were on the wrong side of it.
  • The comparison with feminism is apt, but I think you could have taken this highly extemporised and over-extended analogy and possibly extended even more... a bit of distillation and boom — a pocket rocket. I kid-you-not. Think about it. When you burn fossil fuels, you are liberating energy from chemical bonds. Freedom, energy, bondage. What’s not to like? They are so getting our of there, and we are making that happen. Carbon atoms of the world unite, you have nothing to lose by your (atomic) chains.
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