What They Don’t Tell You in Therapy
Liz Worotyla

I would say this as well:

  1. When people talk about depression, they don’t mention that it involves a form of social demotion. As you say, people will leave your life and at work I found even people trying to help were nonetheless condescending. Once recovered, people around you can be stuck in a outdated view of who you are. You can be trapped by depression and trapped again in people’s view of you.
  2. Therapy is about the theraputic relationship. If it doesn’t feel like one where you have a rapport, walk away.
  3. More and a few times I’ve met therapists with a religious agenda. They keep it under check and then can’t help themselves. If you’re a humanist or atheist, then go elsewhere. Otherwise, you might have to consider the power of prayer after stumping up the fees.